Nico Donys was born in San Paolo di Civitate, Italy, August 7, 1986, and grew up there in a small town of 7,000 inhabitants, where he attended elementary and middle school. Son of Piombo Natalino and Ciavarella Anna, with 3 brothers (Matteo, Alessandro and Coryn and a younger sister named Francesca. Passionate about martial arts, a sport he practiced from the age of eight before with the Fikta association and then moved on to JKA where he receives the coveted black belt. Married since September 2010 with his current wife Annarita Borrelli where the couple had two children (Francesco and Natalino). On the day of his first communion he had the honor of singing and highlighting his singing skills and there was the beginning where he sang for the first time as a soloist. Passionate about Latin music, where he spends hours listening to Latin songs he too dreams of becoming a star of Latin music, a passion that will gradually become a reality. 

Nico Donys is the stage name of Nicola Donato Piombo (created on the basis of his names and internationalized by Nicola Donato to Nico Donys). Nico is an Italian singer whose work ranges from Italian-Spanish Latin-pop to sexy and at the same time very romantic reggaeton-pop. Nico Donys, launched in 2018 where he began to publish his first video with the name "Tu Eres Mi Vida" in his official YouTube channel, where it immediately became viral and became a success in Italy and several Latin American and European countries because it was sung in Italian and Spanish language.
Also in the same year in May 2018 he released the single "Verano" a Latin-pop song fresh text that praises living the summer, instead in November 2018 he released the third single with the name "Il Paradiso" hip-hop rap style where he speaks of the reality of life that does not discount anyone.

In June 2019 he released his first debut album "369" where the tracks of this disc fill the space of upbeat sounds, otherwise the recipe is unchanged from the beginning to the end of listening. The property of writing refers to simple and direct, light content; the execution is predictable, remaining in line with the history of the genre. “Caramelo”, “Para Que Te Vas”, “Me tendras”, “Rum & cola” and more, play only for reggaeton lovers.

In 2020 and 2021 he became one of the Italian artists with the greatest impact on Latin music in the reggaeton genre, where he brought his Latin music globally. Nominated twice in 2020 at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards as best Latin Pop song with the song "Para Que Te Vas" and in 2021 with the song "Algo Mágico" always in the same Latin category. Nico Donys is one of the Italian singers with active fans on social networks and the leader among the Italian singers of the reggaeton genre with over 30 thousand followers on Instagram.

The singer also achieved its greatest success with "Para Que Te Vas, where it reached the Top 100 Itunes of the European singles chart. After additional singles and the reggaeton-style debut album" 369 "which appeared in 2018 , the latter included the romantic Latin pop single "Algo Mágico" lyrics about respect and values ​​for women, which became her biggest hit to date in 2021. Continuing with the song's summer and well-being vibe, released "Bella" in June "2021".